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shahi urad dal recipe


Shahi Urad Dal Recipe finds its origins in Mughlai cuisine, characterized by the usage of rich dry fruits, aromatics, and fat to create some exquisitely sinful but tantalizingly delicious gravies.

If you are fond of these rich Mughlai dishes and want to try something vegetarian and wholesome, then bookmark this urad dal recipe!

It is a kind of dal recipe that is befitting for the royal dinner parties or the special occasion in the family.

Preparing Dal: Split lentils (chilka urad dal) are soaked overnight. Then the trusty Indian pressure cooker takes its place over the gas stove, in which the lentils along with other dairy accompaniments are slow-cooked.

The trick to letting any dal cook perfectly is to let steam escape naturally on its own, before opening the pressure cooker. Use the back of a spoon to mash the dal for that thick, saucy consistency.

Preparing Tempering (Tadka): 

The tadka for the urad dal is prepared while the pressure cooker simmers away, by letting onions and tomatoes sweat it out in a pan. Then, the tadka and dal come together in one sizzling, bubbling plat du jour called Shahi Dal.


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